Case 1  A taxpayer was denied administrative due process with a Revenue 
Officer taking immediate collection enforcement and levy action against 
the taxpayer.

UPDATE 01-02-19
We obtained a favorable outcome and stopped the collection enforcement
We were able to work with the RO to provide information and obtain a
continuance for 30 days to assist the taxpayer in resolving the case.

Case 2  A business owner was denied admission of evidence in an IRS 
audit by a Revenue Agent to support his position that certain deposits 
were NOT income. We are planning to assist in filing an Appeal in his 
case pending our investigation.

UPDATE 01-02-19
We secured a redetermination to re-examine the evidence that was not
previously accepted. We are now very encouraged that once the evidence
is reviewed we will be in a position to secure a reduction of liability.

Case 3
Taxpayers owe the IRS over $60,000 and have a defaulted installment
agreement; we are working to assist the taxpayer in obtaining a
reinstatement of the installment agreement. Payments that were made
timely have not been posted by the IRS so the default is defective
given the taxpayers HAVE made their payments on time